Friday, March 13, 2009

couple 0 things

"Dude, my hair is all messed up and shit."   "Don't worry no one will ever see it."
T.A. has got mad years on everyone.  He's the most grown up friend I have.   Even compared to the Portland guy, the S.F. guy, and the Chicago guys.  Zero drama.  Ever.
I skated this thing a couple of times this winter.  Its WARP's 3ft mini.  On Sat nights its "fossil" night, and its 18 and up, no helmets, B.Y.O.B.  Sadly, even then, the 'champions' were there, bumming out my every second of attendance.  As you could've guessed, Chris (a.k.a. googles, slippy hippy, 30pker, and the sentence finisher) loved it.  He can Muska flip, or Swansen(as the flatbellies call it), on command.

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