Monday, April 12, 2010


Last Saturday, I hurriedly went to Chris's Second Bedroom gallery straight from work. I didn't want to miss this one, because it came with the accompaniment of performance! Alas, I was late, and when I opened the door, a video was being played. This is Alex and his drummist waiting during that.
After the video, more peeps were showing up. Buster is a big deal, ya know....

Good 'Ole Boys.

The light on my phone disgruntles people.

Hilvers, chilving.

"Hey give me the tour."

A photo in the second bedroom.

Turbs was nervous. He was actin a fool, almost cat-ish.

Here's another pic from the gallery. The room has a strip of pictures around it, which document the time spent Arting for the project.

Alex and Chris, the reals deals.

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